Zuzanna A. Czerny

Zuzanna Czerny is the author of Tea With Z. She is a creative digital artist who graduated with her Master’s of Science in Technology (with a focus on IxD, UI and UX). She also has a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in web and digital imaging. And last but not least, a Honor’s degree from Barrett, The Honors College.

Zuzanna is currently a contracted designer on the Adobe Creative Cloud prerelease team and a full time product designer at Tallwave in Scottsdale, Arizona. Before she was a UX management intern at the Enterprise Marketing HUB in Tempe, Arizona. She managed the UX tests and worked on UX and UI research for the company. On the side Zuzanna freelances and works on websites, graphic design projects and font creations for

During her free time she works with 3D software like Adobe Dimension and she solves UX problems from all over the world. She volunteers often and donates her time to those who need help with the digital world.

Zuzanna was born in Poland and moved to America when she was very young, she has lived in Minnesota, Utah and is now located in Arizona. She has a traveler’s heart and enjoys adventuring around the world. She speaks fluent Polish and has strong Polish writing skills.

Most people’s imagination drowns with age, however Zuzanna has only become a stronger individual who dives into a new visionary world. Her goal is to make people’s lives easier. She dares to challenge difficult problems with creative UX solutions. She focuses on making the world a safer place for individuals with disabilities. She takes her time to research possible solutions so that everyone can prosper from good design. Her goal is to make helpful design more accessible for the public.

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2015 – 2017

Graphic Information Technology MS

Arizona State University | GPA: 3.94

Zuzanna graduated in May 2017 with a Master’s in Graphic Information Technology focusing on UX/UI Research & Design.

2012 – 2016

Graphic Information Technology B.S.

Arizona State University | Summa Cum Laude

Zuzanna graduated in May 2016 with Summa Cum Laude from the Ira. A Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU. She also is a graduate from Barrett, The Honors College.

2012 – 2016

Barrett, The Honors College

Arizona State University | Summa Cum Laude

Zuzanna graduated with an Honors degree and her honors thesis consisted of creating a color blindness test booklet for toddlers. The book was chosen as a semifinalist in the Adobe competition in 2016.

My cup of tea



Working in marketing for over six years now, I am able to help you sell your products to the public. With the use of positive cognitive psychology, user research and compelling design I am able to create campaigns that people will want to buy.



I can create concept wireframes and prototypes using Adobe XD, Sketch or any other software. I believe this to be an important step while testing the product to see if it actually has a high success rate and to see where it falls behind.

UX Research

UX Research

Asking the right questions can be difficult however with a little bit of patience and listening skills I can quickly understand the user's needs. I have UX tested websites, apps and even cars. I enjoy interviewing possible users and creating journey maps. I have experience with online and in person testing. I really like to get to know the user's habits before suggesting any design changes.

UX Design

UX Design

As a User Experience designer I can make sure your product is user friendly. From web design to app and even print. I have tested and redesigned many different projects for specific users. I love working in a UX team to develop new and creative solutions for the clients.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

I have a Bachelors degree with a focus in digital imaging. I like to design with the user in mind. I believe in clean, simple and helpful designs that direct the user to the right place. My goal is to use hierarchy, color and elements to let the user take in the information in the most natural way. I also focus on disability friendly design, for example, keeping in mind that 8% of males are colorblind.

Hard Skills

  • Has extensive knowledge in Adobe software (it’s true love at it’s finest)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office products (yes even Excel)
  • Great Graphic Design and Illustration skills
  • Knows HTML and CSS
  • Prototyping pro
  • Has in depth print setup knowledge (crop marks, CMYK and more!)
  • Speaks fluent Polish and English
  • Is a wireframing wizard
  • Speed reader
  • Photography nerdling

Soft Skills

  • Great communication skills
  • Works wonderfully in a team
  • Self Motivated
  • Pays attention to details
  • Knows how to listen
  • Asks thought-out questions
  • Loves working with different cultures
  • Is extremely empathetic
  • Practices a positive mental and physical attitude
  • Really enjoys working with difficult problems



Previous and Current Employment


Product Designer


Tallwave is a design and innovation firm that helps companies build and grow amazing products and brands. Clients range from promising startups to the likes of PayPal, Shutterfly, and American Express.

Zuzanna works on the design team as a product designer and she focuses on the UX, interactions and research of the product. During her time at Tallwave she has worked on websites, apps, widgets and marketing projects.

She is extremely valued for her research and testing background, she takes part in all of the qualitative and quantitative tests and then analyzes the results and implements them with her team in the products.

Her favorite part about working in Tallwave is that she is surrounded by a fast paced environment filled with talented and motivated individuals.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Zuzanna has been contracted to work on several projects for the Adobe Creative Cloud pre-release program.

  • Zuzanna began working with Adobe after posting her Project Felix (beta version of Adobe Dimension) creations on Instagram, she was contacted and asked to evaluate the new software they were working on
  • She was one of the first individuals in the world to use Project Felix in a real world setting and in design projects
  • Zuzanna worked with the Adobe Cloud Team and the Project Felix engineers to make the software more interactive for the Adobe users
  • During this time Zuzanna’s work was being shown at conferences and Adobe events to showcase and market the new product
  • Zuzanna suggested several product features which were then later incorporated into Adobe Dimension
  • Working along side the designers of the Adobe Cloud designers, Zuzanna and the team published an Adobe Dimension tutorial for it’s release at Adobe MAX in 2017
  • Adobe Dimension took off successfully and Zuzanna recently wrote and published another article and tutorial with the Adobe Cloud team for Valentines day
  • Zuzanna continues to work with the Adobe Cloud team and lives for the Adobe Dimension updates

Enterprise Marketing Hub

Management Intern

As an intern, Zuzanna works closely with UX project testing and research. She writes up reports and analyzes current UX problems that are found while testing the products.

  • Assists in overseeing the day­ to ­day operations of the UX lab within the Hub.
  • Works closely with the digital team to understand research requirements.
  • Trains student workers in UX research best practices.
  • Interprets research findings into actionable design implications.
  • Oversees research participant pool and correctly identify target populations for research projects.
  • Assists with execution of primary qualitative or quantitative research, such as drafting or reviewing knowledge briefs, discussion guides, questionnaires, and survey links.
  • Create executive presentations that help the audience understand the learning and its implications on their decision-making.

GIT Creative Agency

Project Manager

As part of her Masters project, Zuzanna helped develop a classroom setting agency for students to take part in during the semester. During this time she worked on projects with real customers like non-profits to create websites and illustrations for their events or needs.

Enterprise Marketing Hub

UX Researcher

Zuzanna had written up and conducted many UX interviews to test webpages, viewbooks and apps. She then wrote up UX reports and noted solutions for the problematic or unsuccessful tasks.

  • Recruited and conducted UX tests
  • Wrote up UX reports to showcase the findings
  • Interviewed potential UX workers for job positions
  • Tested websites, apps and print products
  • Gave solutions for current UX problems
  • Worked with Lookback to record UX tests

ASU Print & Imaging Lab

Premedia Specialist

The ASU Print & Imaging Lab prints everything from postcards to building sized wallpapers for ASU and outside vendors. Zuzanna worked at the print lab as a PreMedia Specialist and a Graphic Designer.

  • Changed documents to fit print standards
  • Primarily worked in Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Created brochures, posters, cards and even illustrations for customers
  • Approved printed materials before they were sent out to the clients
  • Collaborated with the Premedia team on several projects
  • Talked to customers and helped the customer service representatives

Fulton Communication Team

Graphic Designer & Photographer

The Ira. Fulton School of Engineering’s communication team is one of the best known in the country. Zuzanna was in charge of taking and editing photos of the campus and of students. She also revised the school’s webpages and created posters, flyers and other creative engineering projects for the students and faculty.

  • Took photos of the campus and the students
  • Edited photos in Adobe Bridge, Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Edited the ASU WordPress website for the Engineering team
  • Created posters for new events around the campus
  • Took portraits of staff and students

CTI Comm Shop

Graphic Designer

The College of Technology and Innovation’s communication team took care of branding, marketing and advertising. The CTI Comm shop was known for creating innovative projects that won many awards. Zuzanna was a graphic designer and worked with the team for two years creating shirts, flyers and html emails.

  • Created marketing material for the Polytechnic Campus
  • Designed creative lawn signs for engineering workshops
  • Created tutorial videos of engineering classes
  • Took photos of the campus
  • Drew illustrations for flyers and posters
  • Worked in depth on the HTML emails
Work and School Timeline

August 2017

Adobe Creative Cloud Designer

May 2017

Enterprise Marketing Hub Intern

May 2017

Masters Degree of Science in Technology

January 2017

GIT Agency Project Manager

October 2016

Enterprise Marketing Hub

UX Researcher

May 2016

Bachelors of Science

December 2014

ASU Print & Imaging Lab
Premedia Specialist

August 2014

Fulton Communication Team
Graphic Designer & Photographer

January 2013

CTI Comm Shop
Graphic Designer

August 2012

Began Undergrad studies at ASU



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