Color Blindness Test Booklet for Toddlers

Project Description

Preschool teachers, parents and even doctors could benefit from a little test booklet for the younger audience to discover color blindness at an early age. Not to mention also avoiding other visual issues in school because a lot of teachers depend on colors to teach their students.

Someone who is not capable of seeing a select color may have trouble understanding the concept and not learning as quickly as the other kids do.

Most people believe that color blindness is similar to seeing in black and white like an Instagram filter or an older movie.

That is not true, and in this case seeing in only black and white is a very rare case. For example, people who have been diagnosed with color blindness cannot see red, yellow or green.

Project Details

  • For: Barret, The Honors College
  • Tasks: Create a booklet to test children for color deficiencies.
  • Website: Behance Profile

"Color blindness is not ‘color blindness’! There are still a lot of people who think that if you are colorblind you really can’t see any colors. But the term is misleading, as more than 99% of all colorblind people can see colors. A better wording would be color vision deficiency, which describes this visual disorder more precisely."


Most tests on the market are not suitable for a younger audience because it contains numbers which a lot of younger kids still do not know or comprehend. This color blindness booklet will allow anyone to test themselves and their children without having to spend a fortune. This test booklet only serves as an awareness and helpful guide for parents, teachers and guardians who want to check their children to see if there are any signs of color vision deficiency.

These instructions were created to be easy to follow. I wanted to design something simple for parents or guardians to quickly comprehend and move on to the actual important content. At this point the adult should be sitting with the child. The child should have some sort of writing utensil to draw a line over the different colored path.


1.  Sit down with the child
2.  Give them crayons
3.  Ask them to trace the different colored path
4.  Go through the whole booklet
5.  If they cannot find the path, move on to the next page
6.  Track how many pages they get cannot complete
7.  Refer to the information in the back for more details

Can I buy one?

The answer is no, not yet. This was a project I created for my Honors thesis in order to graduate from Barrett, the Honors College. The booklet is currently under Barrett and I cannot publish it yet. This is a long term project that I will continue working on. At one point I would like to add different graphics and have the booklet professionally UX tested on both kiddos and adults. At one point I will turn this into an Ebook for people to purchase and download in either PDF form or in a Kindle version. As for now it is just a live prototype waiting to be tested in the real world. If you would like to try this copy out please feel free to contact me and I will send it over to you!

The Future of Color Blindness

Thankfully our amazing doctors and engineers have created glasses that allow people with color deficiencies to see the actual colors. From my knowledge they range from about $300 to $400 dollars. If you are interested I recommend you visit your eye doctor and see if they can help you out!