Love Knows No Bars Contest

Project Description

Love Knows No Bars was a UX Design Challenge that I had won. Love Knows No Bars was a fake website created for inmates who wanted to date (we were given the topic.)

I placed first because it was only a 4 hour long challenge and I managed to complete multiple different actions and designs. The review team was very happy with my style and they felt like this could possibly be used as a future concept if they were to build a website like this.

Project Details

  • Client: Telent Network
  • Tasks: UX Design for a contest


The main social page acts as a way for singles to communicate and share how they are feeling just like on Facebook or on twitter. This would allow the user to share their feelings or thoughts along with a happy or sad smiley face depending on how they are feeling.

As the user scrolls down they can see what their single friends are talking about and they can send them a private message that will show up in a chat box.

I wanted to choose warm colors for the design in order to attract positive attention while avoiding the stereotypical “love” associated colors.

My goal was to keep the design as fresh and clean looking as possible. I believe that simplicity is the key for welcoming UX. As you can see here we have the login/entrance into the page. The user would have to sign in with their credentials or join as a new user. The new user would receive a verification email after pressing enter. After the credentials would be typed in a large login or submit would pop up in orange.