Redesigning Ofra’s Liquid Illuminizer

When brands design products sometimes they forget who their customers are.

As UX designers and researchers our job is to ask who the user is. And in this case I felt like the user was absolutely forgotten in the design process and I will explain why.

On July 22nd I received my beloved Boxycharm box, it’s a makeup subscription box that you pay like a few bucks each month and get full sized goodies. I was  really surprised and disappointed because I got a product that I was not expecting and it looked really cheap. I got the OFRA Body Illuminizer which retails for… wait for it…. $39.95 for 4 fl oz of a shiny lotion. Here is what it looks like:

So it doesn’t look like a product that costs that much, because that’s a pretty crazy price to just blow on something like this. Thankfully the Illuminizer is actually really pretty and it works well. Content is king so I was happy that the product was actually super awesome. But I couldn’t get over how bad and off brand it looked for OFRA. So I decided to analyze it and see if I could add my design touches to bring it up to brand standards while not raising the cost or majorly editing the look. I thought the back was just fine, the directions are simple and easy to read and the rest is on point so I wouldn’t mess with it.

However the front had 4 different fonts and all of them were fighting for attention.

Step 1:

I went on and looked at all of their content. It looked really simple and modern so I decided to go with those key words. I also know that their audience is made up of makeup artists who usually DISPLAY the products on their vanities at home so if the product doesn’t look to good it usually goes into a drawer or under the sink. Which also means that the product is more likely to be forgotten and never used again. Hmm… not the ideal situation because they probably want the people to use the product and then buy more once they drain the bottle.

Step 2:

I went into Illustrator and designed the packaging that I felt like fit more of Ofra’s brand. I then opened up my model in Photoshop and created a map to make sure all of the imagery was correct.


Step 3:

After I got the object ready I imported it into Project Felix and I set up the scene to make it look realistic.

Step 4:

I rendered it in Felix and then brought it back to Photoshop for a few minor touch ups. I wanted the fonts to match and to make everything look a bit more united. I feel like this one does not compete for attention as much and it portrays the Ofra brand a bit better. This is how it turned out:

Thanks for reading! Please tell me what you think!

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